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Journey of Braag green

The story of how we started goes way back. Our Founder, Mrs Seema Akash Mishra was enjoying a break from her decade-long career as a Medical & Administrative personnel. During this break, she spent some quality time with her young kid. While indulging in everyday lessons and stories she made a breakthrough. It was during one of the conversations about Nature that she realized the sad state of reality we all would be leaving behind for the future generations to come. It wasn’t the first time when picturing the bleak future left her unsettled, but this time something was different. This time, without a doubt in mind, she knew that she had to actively do something so that the future will look different – better even. Sustainable living was something she wanted to explore actively and with this sudden need for concrete measures, an idea took root. That’s how the idea of Braag Green was grown.


Our Founder decided to bring together her love for fashion and her care for nature into something that would be her contribution to the world. The journey had started, with a determined woman on a mission. The pandemic was the ultimate eye-opener. All the things we took for granted were taken from us, leaving us scrambling for basic amenities and the familiarity & comfort of everyday necessities. This is when many of us realized that the way we have been living our lives is not only resource-dependent but also unfair towards the limited pool of shared resources we have. The seeds of change were sown, an idea had taken root in our hearts. Now, we were just waiting for the right channel to set our efforts into and bring things to fruition.


After months of researching and market study, we zeroed in on Plant-based Vegan Products. The idea was to make this indigenous product a global success by proudly opting for the ‘Made in India’ label and helping local talent grow. With our heart set on finesse and the mind on introducing sustainable choices that were one with Mother Nature, Braag Green was born.


At Braag Green, we wanted to contribute in a meaningful manner. It took us months of endless research, contemplation and market analysis to finalize one thing. We aim to create something that would last longer than us – towards the appreciation of unsung artisans and celebration of sustainable choices. We make this happen by using plant-based fabrics and working with 100% cotton. Our fabrics are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Some parts are made from metal but we are already on our quest for the next best sustainable alternative.

We intend to work with various plant-based fabrics and have started our journey with bags made from Cork fabric. As we go forward, our research team would bring in New Vegan products regularly. Also, a certain part of our profits will be used for supporting Animal Rescue and Protection. We are glad that you have chosen to join us in our journey of sustainable living and slow fashion that promotes ageing with grace.

our mission

We aim to create products that cause little to no harm to the environment while benefitting the communities with whom we work. We value our artisans who bring fabrics to life with their timeless craft.

our Vision

We endeavour to achieve excellence, innovation and performance sustainably. Never compromising on our principles or placing profits before conscious choices.

our Values

We shall promote environmental sustainability at all times.

We shall use creativity to ideate, promote and execute different products.

We shall endeavour to aid traditional arts and support livelihoods.

We shall place trust and integrity at the heart of all our offerings.

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