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 Banofi Leather (= Ban-o-Fi = Banana + Fiber), is made from upcycled banana crop waste and is of comparable quality to animal hide thanks to our patented process. They have conducted multiple ageing, tear, and tensile tests. Moreover, our material's sustainability has been certified by global standards such as REACH (EU) and CAL PROP (USA). They are one of 120 brands that PeTA Vegan (Global) has certified as 100% vegan. They prove that our materials are free of toxic metals and chemicals. The majority of our material's properties, such as tear resistance, flexibility, appearance, and feel, are comparable to those of animal leather. However, we are still working to enhance the material's tensile strength, softness, and durability. This will allow us to expand our product line beyond the realm of fashion into furniture and automobiles. Currently, their materials are suitable for purses and wallets, while shoes require further development. As we approached brands, they recognised the need for a proof-of-concept product that could demonstrate Banofi's potential and utility. Proof of concept is a Banofi notebook with a leather cover. They provide these boutiques with material samples so that they can create products such as handbags and shoes and provide us with constructive feedback on how to improve the material.

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Have you heared about Banana Leather?

India generates 4 tons of waste for 1 ton of fruit.


This fruit based leather is derived from banana crop waste.


  • 50 % banana stem waste

  • 30 % Natural Additives

  • 20 % Recycled Polymers


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90% Less Emission

Banana Waste


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Water Resistant

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