Adira Collection ~ The courage to stand apart


About the Collection:


Adira comes from the Hebrew word ah-DEER-ah that means being strong, noble and powerful. This collection is also an ode to the ocean and its diverse life forms. The idea behind the making of Adira is to make strong choices for a noble cause that has a powerful impact. What can be more thoughtful than choosing sustainability over styles that keep coming and going out of trend?

Braag Green is the answer to all your internal wars about being fashionable but not supporting fast fashion. A label that makes sure the fine print about the materials and sourcing doesn’t sit heavy on your conscience. We are a PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free brand that supports and promotes the work of local artisans.

The Adira collection of baguette bags and slings is a big thank-you to Mother Nature for inspiring us all along and a humble way of giving back to Mother Earth. Join us in this mindful journey of making sustainable choices one day at a time.


About Adira Baguette Bag:


The Adira Baguette Bag is an ode of the ocean. As deep and consuming our reflections are about how we can make our earth more healthy and habitable, they only go so far without action. Making sustainability a daily part and parcel of life is the only way we can win the battle.

This baguette bag is all about fluid, aquatic expressions. Handcrafted by our artisans and brought to life on a bio-degradable cotton linen fabric, it is the perfect accessory for an evening outdoors or a meeting indoors. The distinct, lively and vivid prints make the bag come alive. The baguette bag is made from plant-based vegan leather.

Bio-degradable quality cotton is used for the inner lining. The bag has a fixed chain for shoulder support or styling and also a detachable cork shoulder strap for versatility. Get your hands on this exclusive baguette bag today!

Adira Baguette

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  • Consciously sourced. Handcrafted with love. Made in India.

    Material Used:

    • Cork Fabric
    • Handcraft Fabric
    • Biodegradable Cotton (for inner lining)
    • Cotton-Linen (for outer lining)



    Height - 9 inches (approx.)

    Length - 5 inches (approx.)

    Shoulder Strap - 18 inches

    Metal strap - 14 inches