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"Embrace Love and Earthy Prints with Our Evanna Wallet and Eye Cover Combo - A Tribute to Wildlife Protection!


For those who cherish both style and sustainability, our Evanna Wallet and Eye Cover Combo is a match made in heaven.


Designed with a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and a commitment to protecting wildlife, this combo speaks volumes about our values.


The Evanna Wallet and Eye Cover are adorned with intricate earthy prints that echo the magnificence of the wild.


Each design is a heartfelt ode to the preservation of wildlife, making this combo a meaningful statement piece.


With the festive season around the corner, this combo is the perfect gift to surprise your sister or friend. Show them your love and appreciation with a thoughtful present that aligns with their passion for earthy aesthetics and wildlife conservation.

Evanna Combo Set

₹2,049.00 Regular Price
₹1,750.00Sale Price
Taxes Included
  • Material Used:

    • Cork Fabric
    • Handcrafted cotton linen Fabric
    • Biodegradable Cotton (for inner lining)

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